Q: What are the 3 parts to a once-a-week session?

BioDensity machine – 4 precise positions or “exercises”  –  4 to 6 minutes

Live Vibe machine – 8 minutes

PEMF Mat – 8 relaxing minutes

Q: How long is a session?

Typically, the 3-part once-a-week session takes 20 – 25 minutes.

You may opt for add-on sessions using the Live Vibe and Bemer devices to accelerate wellness and progress.

Q: Are the sessions individual or group?

Individual.  Each session is guided by a trained staff member.  You have your own designated appointment time each week.
Call (505) 557-6209 for your appointment.

Q: Why is the BioDensity technology done only once a week?

The 4 “exercises” create a trigger event in the body.  A cascade of biological adaptations is set in motion.  The average time the body needs to complete these processes – break down old tissue and rebuild new – is about 7 – 10 days.  We have found a regular 7-day cycle works best.

Q: Who would benefit from additional PEMF and Live Vibe if you choose sessions?

But seriously, here’s our best suggestion (and this is what we do) — the BioDensity machine just once every 7 days.
The PEMF and the Live Vibe have different suggested protocols for maximum benefit.  Both can be used daily.  When that is not practical, 2-5 times a week is extremely beneficial.

Situations like the following would benefit from frequent sessions – 3 or more times a week:

-Those interested in accelerating their wellness.
-Those dealing with health issues that benefit from frequent exposure, especially to the Bemer mat.  We are limited as to what we can claim.  Please go online and see what others are reporting about the benefits of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology and Whole Body Vibration.  Quite remarkable!
-Those who have become deconditioned (unfit) for any number of reasons and wish to start a program to systematically re-build strength without the risks associated with gyms and weights and exercise classes.

-Those who may wish to manage chronic “discomfort”.

-Those who would like to re-balance their bodies bi-laterally.  This is often athletes who have developed a dominant side.  Or someone who is returning from an injury to one side of the body.

Q: What should I wear for my sessions?
However you’ve chosen to dress for your day will be just fine.  There are no extreme body positions.
Socks or a flat-soled exercise shoe is best.
Please leave your outdoor shoes on the shoe rack before entering the studio area.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
Checks, credit cards and cash.

Q: How can I maximize my progress?

Water!  Be hydrated when you arrive and drink water during and after your sessions.
Start slow.  The Live Vibe and the PEMF are deceptively gentle but powerful devices.  If you are unsure of your physical fitness and condition, do just a few minutes (3 or 4) on each, while you evaluate how you feel and what the effects are on you.  This is not a race.  We want you to feel good after your sessions and look forward to them.  You should not be sore after DancingBones sessions.
Attitude.  Attitude is everything – a willingness to wrap your mind around a new concept, to expect positive results and to focus like a laser (for 4 sets of 5 seconds!).  During the brief session time, we ask that you give full attention to your coach’s instructions.

Q: What if I am not ambulatory?

Each situation is different.  It is possible that with your physician’s approval, we can adapt the program to your needs.  In that case, you must have your own assistant and sign a special waiver.  No staff at DancingBones is allowed or trained to handle, in terms of physically aiding, any client.
Hugs are the exception!

Q: Is this program considered complete for body conditioning?
It’s a very good foundation and it works well with your other life activities and/or training programs.
Beyond that, for those involved in athletic performance,  these technologies individually have been used for many years to radically improve athletic performance.  Together the three technologies can truly give you an athletic edge.

Q: What if I go on vacation and miss several weeks?

Pre-planned extended absences – we will work with you.
Occasional absences will not substantially impede your progress.

Q: What if I want a longer therapeutic PEMF session?

We have a private treatment room for hour-long and multiple-hour sessions.

Q: WHY DancingBones?  

It’s our desire to bring joy and ease of movement back into all stages of life.  Aging presents all too common health challenges. Added to that we are seeing an epidemic of health challenges in shockingly young populations. The general trend has been to turn to drugs or invasive protocols to manage conditions. There’s a time and place for drugs and medical intervention. However there are some very effective, non-invasive and drug-free choices.  The DancingBones program is one of them.

Q: Genesis – HOW DID IT START?

The concept grew out of Sheila’s 19-year search for answers to her own (sometimes severe) health challenges. In that time, she discovered some beautiful and effective alternative modalities and wonderful practitioners who have helped her along the way. Many thousands of dollars later (advanced alternative modalities are hardly ever covered by insurance!), many steps backward and forward on this journey, her desire now is to present to others some of the most effective things that have worked for her. Very helpful along the way as well, has been her love for her horses and animals. Listening to them, observing them closely and addressing their health challenges, injuries etc. pushed her to study, research and find solutions.


Sheila’s (creator of DancingBones) first career was that of an athlete. She was a young amateur gymnast, then a professional dancer, choreographer and Broadway and film performer in NYC.

She holds certification in Homeopathy (both constitutional and acute) and has done post-grad work in Programming Wellness for Industry (Toronto).  She formerly maintained a healing practice in Santa Fe, NM and has a searing passion to uncover the potential for wellness and vitality in all.

DancingBones provides Sheila a venue from which to offer certain advanced technologies and other discoveries of sound therapeutic value for your consideration and health.

As well, she owns and operates, along with her husband of several decades, a restaurant, which has set the standard in Santa Fe for locally sourced whole healthy food – Joe’s Dining.  Joe’s Dining is New Mexico’s biggest restaurant buyer of locally-produced foods of all kinds.


BLOG – Nov 23, 2016

On this day before Thanksgiving here are some of my thoughts about the evolution and creation of DancingBones.  This specific part of my health journey started with addressing bone loss as reported by  my dentist in December 2015.  In spite of his contention that “you can’t rebuild bone”, I discovered John Jaquish’s brilliant BioDensity machine.  And for 7 months I used it faithfully once a week, with some terrific results – my “multiples of body force production” (in layman’s terms, ability to apply force) increased an impressive 167%, as graphed at the end of 7 months on my performance report.

Concurrently, my DOM/Osteopath (Dr. Carey Taussig) introduced me to Bemer technology, which she had begun to use in her practice.   That, combined with my deep love of horses and the fact that famous horse trainer, Linda Tellington Jones was producing great results in performance horses with the Bemer , I decided to try it out.  It began to dawn on me, based on my results and observation of others, that this would be a valuable synergistic adjunct to the BioDensity device.

As I observed to my husband just a few days ago, I am of the opinion now that without this PEMF device which I use twice a day for 8 minutes since August, I would not have the enormous energy it takes to get a new business started.  I seem to have boundless energy and stamina.  And my usual aches and pains that I had learned to live with, are either gone or so minor they are not a factor!

So it was my experience with the BioDensity technology and PEMF technology that inspired me to:
(a) continue it for my own health and
(b) want to share it with so many others who face bone and muscle loss.  Out of that desire (passion, really!) came DancingBones.

I have started reading studies on B_____ technology and one I read last night (copied below) confirmed that incorporating the Bemer into the DancingBones Program is a substantial, even essential, contributory factor.

This is the beauty of what DancingBones does.  The Biodensity device approaches bone (and muscle) loss one way – through osteogenic loading (putting stress on a bone).   The Bemer device meets that by approaching bone loss from the inside out – from cellular function.  What a marriage!

Here’s the bone study I referred to from Pubmed.com

Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerate proliferation and osteogenic gene expression in human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells during osteogenic differentiation.

Sun LY1, Hsieh DK, Lin PC, Chiu HT, Chiou TW.

Osteogenesis is a complex series of events involving the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to generate new bone. In this study, we examined the effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) on cell proliferation, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity, mineralization of the extracellular matrix, and gene expression in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs) during osteogenic differentiation. Exposure of BMMSCs to PEMFs increased cell proliferation by 29.6% compared to untreated cells at day 1 of differentiation. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR indicated that PEMFs significantly altered temporal expression of osteogenesis-related genes, including a 2.7-fold increase in expression of the key osteogenesis regulatory gene cbfa1, compared to untreated controls. In addition, exposure to PEMFs significantly increased ALP expression during the early stages of osteogenesis and substantially enhanced mineralization near the midpoint of osteogenesis. These results suggest that PEMFs enhance early cell proliferation in BMMSC-mediated osteogenesis, and accelerate the osteogenesis.
(c) 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.


FURTHER DESCRIPTION of the DancingBones Program
DancingBones presents a profoundly effective synergy – three pragmatic technologies based on science that work beautifully together to produce measurable results. The program is appropriate and supportive for a wide range of people and their needs — from the elite athlete to the aging population.  It is highly recommended that DancingBones be utilized as a complete program. Although the three technologies have proven themselves to be individually restorative, their synergy heightens the global and profound benefits.  1+1+1= more than 3.




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