About Us

dancingbones is a wellness facility established in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2016. We offer three unique programs that integrate science-backed non-invasive technologies. These technologies, both individually and in concert, have shown enhancement of structural (bone, muscle, cartilage), metabolic, neurological, and circulatory wellness. dancingbones is also proud to offer our clients MATRIX (EESystem), a stunning life-enhancing technology that augments our existing programs.

Our programs are original, created over years of health research and experimentation by founder Sheila Nixon. dancingbones evolved and developed as a result of Sheila’s passion, no, her obsession, to share the findings of her journey out of a dire health diagnosis. She relishes sharing her conclusions and findings from this 23-year journey.

One major part of that journey has been the inescapable fact that maintaining bone, muscle and joint integrity (structural strength)  is a most critical component of robust health.  It is beyond important that we maintain the ability to push, pull, lift, bend and stretch.

Our primary foci are bone and muscle loss (Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia). These are now seen as one of the world’s most prevalent and urgent health conditions. Far from an exclusively geriatric concern, osteoporosis is now evident in younger populations. Hundreds of thousands of worldwide users of bioDensity® (one of our technologies) are successfully stopping and even reversing bone loss, as shown on their DEXA scans (bone density scans). Typically, bone changes be evident on a scan in 48 weeks. One of our clients saw significant bone density changes in just four months!

The dancingbones program is an original 3-part protocol targeted at bone loss, muscle loss, balance, and joint instability. As well, it has proven to normalize blood-insulin levels. Your session is individual, supervised by a certified coach, and is done once a week. Why only once a week?

Find out which dancingbones program is best for you: schedule a 45-minute no-obligation, introductory session in which you will be coached through an entire session and have all of your questions answered. If this is for you, you will know it! Just call 505-557-6209 or fill out our online contact form.

What dancingbones is not:

  • A dance studio
  • A gym
  • A franchise
  • A competitive venue. Each member receives individual consideration with respect to their needs and capabilities.

More Questions?

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