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Editorial comment by Sheila:
Before exploring the content of this website, please be aware of the verbal understatement we employ to stay in compliance with the increasing loss of the accurate and free use of our language and inhibitory influence of governing bodies such as the FDA. We are a wellness facility and as such, we must not claim treatment, diagnosis, healing, remission. Instead, in spite of more dramatic and profound results, we use such tempered terms as improvement, enhancement, may, can, blah blah.

What is dancingbones® ?
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dancingbones® is a wellness facility established in 2016 offering three unique programs that integrate four science-backed non-invasive technologies. These technologies, both individually and in concert, have shown enhancement of structural (bone, muscle, cartilage), metabolic, neurologic and circulatory wellness.

Our programs are original, created over years of health search, research and experiment by Sheila and now imitated. We are one-of-a-kind locally owned and staffed by a superb team.

Our primary foci are BONE and MUSCLE LOSS – (OSTEOPOROSIS and SARCOPENIA).   These are now seen as one of the world’s most prevalent and urgent health conditions. Far from an exclusively geriatric concern, osteoporosis is now seen in younger populations. Hundreds of thousands of world-wide users of bioDensity®  (one of our technologies) are successfully stopping and even reversing bone loss, as shown on their DEXA scans (bone density scans). Our own members are bringing in DEXAs ordered by their physicians that are quite impressive after one or two years in the dancingbones Program.*  Typically, bone changes be evident on a scan in 48 weeks. In one of our clients, however, after just 4 months, significant bone density changes were shown!
* A DEXA scan is not required to engage in our programs but, if your doctor will order one, it is an objective baseline at the start of your program.

dancingbones’ Vision:
To enable you to maintain the vitality and mobility you need
to do what only you can do on Earth.
dancingbones’ Mission:
To maintain or restore your strength, mobility and vitality through the application of advanced integrated and non-invasive technologies.

Here are just two testimonials:  
“One year ago, my physician told me to start taking drugs to deal with my severe osteoporosis. I told her I wanted to try bioDensity, and she said I would have to start taking drugs in a year. My one year DEXA results showed 7% improvement in spine and 5% improvement in the femur. bioDensity worked for me.  I changed doctors.”    C.S. (F)

‘The technician said to me, “I’m not supposed to tell you this but WOW you’ve gone up (in bone density) significantly!” ‘ The technician reading her recent Bone Scan (DEXA).    A.W. (F)  Nov 2019

Users of our programs report many ancillary improvements following this once-a-week 35-minute program.

  • bone and joint density and functional strength
  • increase in blood flow through enhanced microcirculaton
  • improved nutrient and oxygen delivery to cells & accelerated waste disposal
  • improved cardiac function
  • athletic performance – improved endurance, strength, elasticity
  • improved balance and fine motor skill
  • improve mental/neurological facility – concentration, focus, stress reduction
  • sleep and relaxation improvement

What DancingBones is not:

• not a dance studio
• not a gym
• not a franchise
• not a competitive venue.  
Each member receives individual consideration with respect to their needs and capabilities.

Seniors, if you thought vitality and ease of movement were just for the young, think again.
Athletes and dancers, if you thought your performance levels had plateaued, think again.
Those with chronic conditions, if you thought day-to-day life could not get easier, think again.”

As little as 30-35 minutes a week can make a real, and in fact, measurable difference in daily functions and in athletic performance.

I have added a stunning technology that was on my wish list for

12 years. In 2008 it significantly pivoted my health at a critically
low point. Now here it is in Santa Fe!!
M A T R I X at dancingbones
Santa Fe’s first and only scalar/energy enhancement system
for rejuvenation.
Details Here

How can I know if this is for me?
You may schedule a 45-minute no-obligation, introductory session in which you will be coached through an entire session and have all of your questions answered. $59.

Tell me a little about Sheila

Sheila’s serious and likely terminal health challenges prompted deep research into the fundamental elements of good health and strong bones. She experienced the four technologies at separate times in her life. The first of the technologies in 2008 made a truly astounding improvement in her function and pain levels.  Each technology added was beneficial on its own.  In an “ah ha” moment several years ago, Sheila realized the full impact of their synergy. This synergy, culminating in 2016, is what defines the DancingBones program as entirely unique. 
Sheila holds certification in Homeopathy, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Reconnective Healing and has completed post-graduate work in Programming Wellness for Industry in Toronto. She spent 25 years in the entertainment industry in NYC (from Joffrey Ballet to Broadway) and Toronto as dancer, choreographer & director.  She and her family moved to Santa Fe in1990, where she maintained a healing practice, initially with horses, later with humans. She has a driving passion to uncover the potential for wellness and vitality in all.   DancingBones provides Sheila a venue through which to share natural, advanced technologies and other discoveries of sound value for the goal of of robust health. The side benefit of these advanced health practices is rejuvenation (aka anti-aging!)

Sheila Nixon creator and founder of dancingbones
Aria and Chuckie loving the BEMER mat

There is a nominal fee of $59 for your 45-minute, no obligation Introductory Session.

This will give you a hands-on experience of the main program, a feel for the ambiance of our studio and the opportunity to field all of your questions.
If this is for you, you will know it!

Book your Introductory Session now.  505-557-6209

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