Sheila’s serious and likely terminal health challenges prompted deep research into the fundamental elements of good health and strong bones. Sheila holds certification in Homeopathy, Blood Flow Restriction Training, and Reconnective Healing and has completed post-graduate work in Programming Wellness for Industry in Toronto. She spent 25 years in the entertainment industry in NYC (from Joffrey Ballet to Broadway) and Toronto as a dancer, choreographer & director. She and her family moved to Santa Fe in 1990, where she began an evolving healing practice. She has a driving passion to uncover the potential for wellness and vitality in all. The side benefit of these advanced health practices is rejuvenation (aka anti-aging and even age reversal!). You can find out more about Sheila’s journey in an interview with the Santa Fe New Mexican or listen to Sheila’s conversation with Bridget Dixon, President of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce on “Business Matters.”


Office Admin

Hi, my name is Rosemarie (aka Rose) and I am the Office Manager at dancingbones. Once you talk to me you will know that I am not a New Mexico native. I am originally from Massachusetts and still have the accent to prove it. I moved to New Mexico eight years ago because I got tired of the New England winters and love it here. I have a degree in Criminal Justice but have been in the Alternative Health Care Field for almost 19 years. I love seeing people improve their health naturally! Twelve years ago I become Nationally Certified as a Reflexologist and always joked that I wanted to do reflexology on a beach but here I am in the desert and enjoying every minute of it. I am married (for almost 42 years) and have two children and three grandchildren. As someone once said, If I knew how much fun grandchildren are I would have had them first! Two of my grandchildren are in California and I love traveling to see them.



Meet Hattie, our “coach extraordinaire!” This ballet dancer means business. She pays close attention to your body placement and joint angles on the incredible BioDensity machine. You’re sure to get results when Hattie coaches you.

Hi, my name is Hattie I was born and raised in the West – New Mexico and Arizona. I have a background in movement, specifically dance and Pilates. I have practiced both for over 10 years.  I graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC with a BA in Dance. I raised two sons in Brooklyn, where I lived for 17 years, then returned to Santa Fe in 2017. I started working at dancingbones in the Spring of 2019. I enjoy helping our clients feel stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. I use all the technologies at DB which have strengthened my body so I can continue to dance and do Pilates into my 50s!



Hi, my name is (Sarah) Nicole. I am a coach at dancingbones. I grew up in NYC and came to Santa Fe to attend college. The “land of entrapment” captured my heart and I haven’t left yet. After 20+ years of owning and operating a specialty bicycle business it was time for something completely different. With a lifelong interest in learning, mind, and movement, I took a deep dive into a somatic learning method called Feldenkrais. I’m a trainee in this beautiful work. I love working at dancingbones. I truly believe it was a divine intervention that landed me here!