Success Stories

Success Stories

  • Bone Loss and Osteoperosis

    “One year ago, my physician told me to start taking drugs to deal with my severe osteoporosis. I told her I wanted to try bioDensity, and she said I would have to start taking drugs in a year. My one-year DEXA results showed 7% improvement in the spine and 5% improvement in the femur. bioDensity worked for me. I changed doctors.” -C.S.

    “I pay close attention to my patients progress and results and am more convinced every day that the decision to incorporate osteogenic loading with bioDensity has been extremely beneficial to my patients. After 6 months using bioDensity once a week, I have seen patients with bone density scans showing a remarkable 7% improvement.” –Dr. Harvey M, 2021

    “In just four months of weekly dancingbones sessions, my DEXA (bone density) scan has gone from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I’m thrilled!” -D.C., Nov 2018

    “I bought a bioDensity for personal use to holistically combat my bone loss. I am happy to report the results of my latest DEXA scan. After doing the bioDensity program for a year and a half the bone density in my lumbar spine has increased by 4%, and I had a 0% decrease in my left hip. After the 10% decrease in my left hip reported by my last DEXA scan three years ago I was thrilled to have not lost the typical 2% a year. I now run a business which also features bioDensity sessions for my customers.” -Marry-Anne J.

    ‘The technician (reading her recent Bone Scan (DEXA)) said to me, ‘I’m not supposed to tell you this but WOW!'” -A.W. (F), Nov 2019

    “In his book, “Strong Bones Forever” Ray Hinish, a Maryland pharmacist, wrote about the impact bioDensity and Power Plate can have for people like myself struggling with bone loss. I am blessed to be in the financial position to make provisions for the second half of my life and found that owning my own bioDensity and Power Plate empowered me to gain muscle and bone growth through osteogenic loading stimulation unavailable in any other capacity. It was an investment in my health and it’s paying dividends already.” – J.S.

  • Strength

    “I only went for, what, a little over 3 months? And I saw some really significant strength gain from it.” T.M. Nov 2019

    “I came to dancingbones due to low bone density and only expected to build bone mass, not expecting any other benefits. A surprise emerged as my severe Restless Legs Syndrome has improved, and if anyone has that, they know how devastating it can be to quality of life. This has been such a bonus, and added to that, I feel stronger muscle tone and balance, so thank you for bringing this amazing program to Santa Fe.” C.B. Mar 2019

    “The last several years, I used a dolly to get the air conditioner up to the second floor. This year, I just scooped it up and carried it up.” R.D.

    “I’ve never had this increase (in strength) in such a short time. I’ve been here 2 months. My leg press (in the gym) has increased from 290 pounds to 320pounds, my squat from 70 pounds to 170 pounds. My best squat when I was 32, was 150 lbs.” B.B (Male 70’s)

    “The other day in yoga class, I noticed I could do more. There was a marked improvement. I could easily do the poses that were very challenging, now I noticed they were easier to do.. I have more strength to hold the poses. My friend came over to me and said, you are really getting stronger!’” -C.S. (female 60’s)

    “I’m stronger and my A1C levels are down. I used to be pre-diabetic… and now I’m not.” -B.B. F 60’s

    “I feel so much stronger and better in my legs, I feel really good about wearing high heels again. We love to go to the movie theater, but the stairs were painful. Now I go up and down the stairs easily.” C.M.

    “What I’ve experienced – better balance, more strength, more endurance, less tired, more alert, don’t fade at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon anymore – maybe 4:00! Noticed when walking the dog, I would not be able to take a big step up out of the arroyo. Now it’s not a problem.” K. T. (female 70’s)

    “I’ve really noticed a difference. The other day I had to handle two heavy boxes. I picked them up and got them into the car without any effort.” C.P.

  • Back Pain

    “I don’t have any back issues anymore. I’m just so thrilled. My back had bothered me on and off for years.” -M.G. Jan 2020

    “Besides the fact that my chronic, I mean CHRONIC, back pain has disappeared, I am dancing again. Couldn’t dance for some time, but went out dancing the other night!” -A. N.

    “Two months on the dancingbones program, my back, shoulder and neck pain is gone. It was constant and something I thought I just had to live with – Not true! Strength increase in arms, legs and core is obvious and welcome.” -K.D. (Female 60’s)

    “My back has not felt this good in as long as I can remember.” (3 weeks after starting the dancingbones Program) -B.S. (Male 70’s) June 2017

    “I’m feeling much stronger (after 6 weeks in the program). My low backaches are gone!” -R.S.

  • Low Energy

    “I’m waking up refreshed and have vitality during the day. My energy is good (formerly not so good). I now sleep well. Mentally calmer. Asthma, migraines, allergies – just don’t have them.” -C.K.

    “I do the walk to Chimayo every year. This year I walked from Nambe to Chimayo and then back from Chimayo to Nambe. Got back to my car at 8:00 AM. I thought, I’m going home and I’m going to be tired. I expected the other shoe to fall. It didn’t fall. I got home and I felt like going out!” – J. H. (age 70+)

    “I don’t know what it was but the last session I went out with so much energy – like I’d had 3 Red Bulls!” R.O.

    “I found myself jogging with my dog. We’ve been jogging a mile! I could never jog even a block before starting the dancingbones program!” (about 9 weeks prior) -C.S.G.

    “I feel so much better than before I came here. You really brought life back to me!” -S.P. Nov 2018

    “After six months on the dancingbones program, I feel half my age and the energy is just incredible.” -K. D. (Female 50’s)

  • Matrix? EESystem?

    The EESystem has screens that are precisely aligned to generate a quantum photonic field creating coherence. Countless life-enhancing frequencies are thus emitted including beneficial scalar frequencies, light (biophotonic), DNA patterns, and cellular communication algorithms. You can hear about some of client’s experiences:

  • Fibromyalgia

    “I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was fifteen years old. I am now almost 40 and it has been the decision maker in my life. But no more, thanks to the Dancing Bones team. The wonderful treatments and products they provide have given me back control of my life.

    The Matrix specifically, from intense four hour sessions, has given me better sleep patterns; I have less anxiety and depression; and I went in wanting to change my perspective and it has helped me do that. It also helped me to be calmer in general and more alert to surroundings.

    Every person is different, but if you are where I was, Dancing Bones is a light in the darkness of an unhealthy body.” -LG.

  • Neck Pain

    My neck (which had been previously a source of pain every hour of every day) is 80% better. I will never stop doing this (program).” – T.S.

    “Many (20?) years ago on a steep street in San Francisco I hit a pipe while on my bike.  I hit the brakes and went over.  Ear was torn away, face messed up badly.  Doctor said I had crushed vertebrae and the neck of an 80 – year old.  After using the Live Vibe and the Bemer several times, my neck is far more flexible.” -J.H. (male, 70’s)

  • Vision

    (After 1 month on vision intensive pack recommended by Sheila) “I can see specific numbers very clearly, whereas before it was irregular. When doing my statements, it became easy to go back and forth from paper to screen. I’m still wearing my glasses for driving but notice other improvements.” -R.R. Dec 2018

    “I started on the supplement Sheila recommended, most appropriate for my eye issues, from dancingbones ten days ago. After the very first day I noticed something was different when driving my car. My vision was crisper. Colors were brighter. Then I realized the floaters were far fewer! I (normally) had to blink a lot to clear my vision. No blinking. Near the end of my day, I (normally) blink a lot, but I realized what was missing now after this first day was a mass amount of floaters. By the end of the 3rd day, just a few pale (not opaque) floaters. Woke up today – no floaters! The redness that is in my right eye, by the third day was gone. Oh, oh, the other thing that went away – my vertigo is gone.” (Note: this client is also using the Bemer from time to time.) N. M. (Female 50’s)

  • Inflamation

    “Before starting at DB my SED rate was 48 or 49. Now it is 28. (Norm is 30) This is the only thing I’ve changed.” C.S.G. Oct 2018

  • Injuries

    “I credit the Bemer at dancingbones with healing my sprained ankle. More improvement in 6 weeks than the entire year before.” -J.S. (female 50’s)

    “Around Thanksgiving before my trip, I took a fall. It seemed to affect my lower body – my knees, hips, back – everything ached and hurt. I was hobbling around. One time at dancingbones on the Live Vibe and the Bemer all the inflammation went away.” -C.M (female 60’s)

    “My puppy injured himself (back leg – maybe a torn tendon?). Took him to the vet. There was no change. But just one time on the Bemer mat and he was absolutely fine again!” -S.S.

  • Joint Pain

    “All of my joint pain is gone. It’s gone!” -R.B (female 60’s) Aug 2017

    “I thought I hadn’t noticed any changes (after about 10 months on the dancingbones program). But when I thought about it …. I don’t have sciatica anymore, I’m sleeping better, my balance has improved (used to fall frequently), I am off all my COPD medications and I don’t need Prilosec now.” -G.G. (Female 80’s)

    “Normally when I garden and dig with a shovel, I have to take an Ibuprofen. This year I’ve noticed (after several months at DB) I don’t need an Ibuprofen.” -M.P. (Female 60’s)

    My fingers (were numb) and could not grip to lift. After my session today, I could feel my fingers.” -L. S. ( female 60’s)

  • Blood Sugar and Diabetes

    “My A1c levels were climbing. In February (before the DB program) it was up to 5.9. Over the last six months, it dropped to 5.6. No changes to diet or exercise routine. I always work out and I have always worked out.” -B.B., MD, Oct 2018

    “Up to recently, if I ate any sugar, bladder issues would worsen.  Now am able to eat desserts without an issue.” –  S.K.  May 2017

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes several months ago. My A1C was at 7.7. I have been using bioDensity at BioStrength in Palm Desert for about 2 months. After constant dedication to the program I went to have my 2nd blood test. The doctor was shocked. He said I am no longer diabetic; not even pre-diabetic. He said he’s never seen anything like this before.” -Jacoby S, 2022

  • Hair and Skin

    “I had been avoiding wearing short skirts in the summer because of bruising. I noticed recently, I have no bruising. I’m looking forward to wearing short skirts this summer.” – C.N. May 2017

    “I think my spider veins are going away.” -B.T. (F 50’s)

    “Using the Bemer at dancingbones five times a week, my natural hair color is growing in again.” -C. K. (F 50’s)