PEMF Device

The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device (PEMF)

We use only the _____ brand* of PEMF devices. This is the crème de la crème of PEMF devices.  The company is now contracted with NASA to design and create astronauts’ suits incorporating its unique signal. This Swiss-German device (primarily a mat one lies upon) has been used for over 20 years in Europe in medical facilities, hospitals, “premie” incubators and clinics and is now gaining recognition here in the US for its broad range of benefits. Brief sessions on the ____ mat with its unique signal configuration, delivering 1200 stimulations per second, ensure full and proper blood circulation to all 74,000 miles of micro vessels in the body. Imagine what this can do when oxygen and nutrients can be fully and efficiently delivered to every starving cell in your body! Testimonials are stunning!
(*to stay compliant with the company’s mandate, we avoid the use of the brand name)


8 minutes on the Bemer mat
8 minutes on the mat