BioDensity machine – safely triggers osteogenic loading  a biological event that addresses bone and muscle loss as well as joint stability and balance.

The BIODENSITY MACHINE –   bioDensity is a non-pharmaceutical option for building bone density.  The bioDensity device was designed by a biomedical engineer, Dr. John Jaquish, in the mid 2000s after his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  It is an osteogenic loading system that places users in natural impact-absorbing positions to safely load multiples of their body weight for short periods of time.  Our research has shown this is a profoundly effective way to increase bone density, muscle tissue density and connective tissue density.  Thus it can help in bone fracture prevention.   It has produced outstanding results with structural issues – bone and muscle loss as well as balance and joint stability.   Although individual results vary and we cannot offer guarantees, in one 18-month study, at the Napa Valley test facility all users showed improvement in bone mass density with averages being 7% per year increase in bone density. (Osteogenic Loading by Jaquish and Singh 2012).  Other studies in other populations have produced similar or better results.


*Wolff’s Law of osteogenic loading: When stress is applied to our bones, they remodel to adapt to the stress. Our bones become thicker and stronger to resist forces placed upon them and thinner and weaker if there are no forces to act against.


About the Biodensity Machine:
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THE FDA – Although we have witnessed and experienced tremendous benefits, there are certain constraints laid out by the FDA that must be complied with. They are, after all, intended to protect us. Medical claims cannot be made in the USA. Thus, you may have noticed, we use understated wording when discussing benefits.

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