Chitin Disruptor

Molds, Candida overgrowth, Yeast, Fleas, Other parasites don’t stand a chance.  Chitin Disruptor is, hands down, effective!  With Chitin Disruptor, you can by-pass heavy-duty fungal medications.  Chitin Disruptor can bring these irritants back into balance or destroy them as needed.  This is a little known but simple remedy.  It is our opinion that without addressing these conditions (especially yeast overgrowth), it is close to impossible to experience robust health.

Almost everyone has an imbalance.  Candida has become epidemic.  If you have taken antibiotics you no doubt have cultured an overgrowth somewhere in your system.  Candida is disruptive to digestion, nutrient absorption, skin health and shows up in many additional symptoms.  It is, however, simple to rebalance yeast overgrowth with this product.  Your dear pet (!!) can suffer terribly as well.
Chitin Disruptor       (6-8 month supply for a 120lb – 180lb mammal)  $125