DancingBones Newsletter, November 2018

DancingBones’ Newsletter, Nov. 2018


Gift Cards!

Share the experience of dancingbones with those you love. Introduce friends to the full dancingbnes program or simply Shake & Bake. Available in $25, $50 and $100 increments. (good toward any service or product we offer)

Unlimited Shake & Bake Special

Buy this for yourself or GIFT it! Just like our September special, unlimited Shake and Bake for one month $129.00. Purchase by December 31st, use it any full month you choose – it starts when you start.

$200 off Peptide Intensive Starter packages !

The question is — how can our DancingBones members experience the power of Peptide BioRegulators?

We went out on a limb. We made a special buy on a few of the most important peptides. We then paired them with specific nutritionals we believe to be of tremendous value as boosters and added them to the starter packages for . . . wait for it . . . for FREE!

PB’s represent a new paradigm in healing the body, in fact changing the gene messaging at the DNA level. They are elegant, profound, non-invasive. The effects can be quickly apparent or more deliberate, depending upon the tissue being targeted and the entrenchment of the condition. They do not create a daily dependency like many drugs and even supplements. Once your loading dose is established, follow-up doses are moderate and can be more widely-spaced for maintenance and reinforcement.
(see extensive descriptions on brochure rack in the studio waiting room).

We are starting with 2 packages

1. Foundation Intensive Starter Pack – this, as implied, addresses fundamental systems — normalization of neuro-endocrine function, cardio vascular, immune enhancement, cancer inhibition and telomerase activation – all of these mechanisms underlie the pineal peptide’s pronounced antiaging effects. Even vision can be affected.
2. Vision Intensive Starter Pack — changing protein synthesis in the eye structures can have measurable effects on most parameters of vision.
Later, we will offer packages for Joints/Bone and Brain Function.
See specific flier and many informative brochures in the brochure rack.


DB has a new whole body vibration unit, a Power Plate. It delivers the same benefits as Live Vibe. Enjoy!


The article by Dr. Doug McGuff is outstanding in that it verifies, from an independent source, that what we do here especially with BioDensity, is a superior type of exercise — faster, safer and with a broader range of benefits than most conventional training protocols. You may find it helps you understand high intensity static resistance training and the importance of recovery time.
(find article somewhere in the literature racks in waiting room)


Curcumin is the new supplement we offer. See the separate brochure for the broad-ranging benefits of curcumin. 30 caps, $13.99.