DaVinci Labs ADK

ADK (by DaVinci Labs )   –  $29.99 (60 day supply)
Where is your calcium going?
To your arteries, veins and joints (ouch)?
Or to your bones and teeth, where it belongs?
There is mass mis-formation about supplementing with calcium for bone health.  Offering a properly-balanced pharmaceutical-grade supplement from a long-established reputable USA lab, is my way of combatting this gross error. The danger of taking calcium without the critical co-factors is crystal clear by reading this from a 2011 edition of the British Medical Journal, on the results from yet another calcium and heart health study, “…(those) who supplement with calcium to prevent osteoporosis are at a higher risk of atherosclerosis (formation of calcium plaques in the arteries), heart attack and stroke than those who don’t.”