First, what is dancingbones®?

DancingBones® is a health care facility that evolved and developed as a result of Sheila’s passion, no, her obsession, to share the findings of her journey out of a dire health diagnosis.  She relishes sharing her conclusions and findings from this 23 year journey.

One major part of that journey has been the inescapable fact that maintaining bone, muscle and joint integrity (structural strength)  is a most critical component of robust health.  It is beyond important that we maintain the ability to push, pull, lift, bend and stretch.

Thus, the DancingBones flagship program . . .  

The Original DancingBones Program
It is an original 3-part protocol targeted at bone loss, muscle loss, balance and joint instability.  As well, it has proven to normalize blood-insulin levels.  Your session is individual,  supervised by a certified coach and is done once a week.  We use 3 non-invasive technologies.

What are the three technologies?
bioDensity® – since 2004, this device safely triggers osteogenic loading, a biological event proven to reverse bone and muscle loss, enhance balance,  joint stability and A1c levels.
PEMF – a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field mat a truly remarkable wellness breakthrough, conventionally-used in the EU for 20 years.   We have chosen the finest Swiss/German PEMF device – the one that NASA has contracted to incorporate into astronaut apparel.  That is BEMER.
PowerPlate – produces better balance and fine motor control in addition to strength, tone and much more.  Used by most Olympic trainers.  At DB, we teach you a Whole Body Vibration protocol to maximize the benefits of the bioDensity and Powerplate juxtaposition.

How long is a session?     The 3-part once-a-week session takes about 35-40 minutes.

Why is the DancingBones® program done only once a week?    

The very specific bioDensity exercises (the heart of the program) create a trigger event in the body.  A cascade of biological adaptations is set in motion.  Studies have determined the average time needed to make these adaptations (break down old tissue and remodel new) is 5 -10 days.  More frequent sessions on the bioDensity machine would be counterproductive interrupting the remodeling processes.  The other technologies are not limited in frequency of use.

Who can benefit from the DancingBones® program

Because of the broad scope of effects, the program can benefit a wide range of needs.
bone loss (osteopenia and osteoporosis).
Muscle loss (sarcopenia)
Unfit or deconditioned (for any number of reasons).  If you wish to start carefully re-building strength without the risks of gyms and weights and exercise classes. 
Athletes and dancers wishing to take their performance to the next level.
Health issues ranging from injuries to chronic and auto-immune conditions, joint and spine conditions are benefitted.
Those who may need auxiliary help to manage chronic pain.
Re-balance the body bi-laterally – often athletes who are compensating from an over-used dominant side.
Slowing the effects of aging.

What should I wear for my sessions?
Flat-rubber-soled shoes are best.  Please designate a clean pair for studio use and remove street shoes before entering carpeted studio area.  Special workout duds are not necessary.  Please do not wear perfumes of any sort.

Do I need an appointment?    Yes.

What other programs does DancingBones wellness studio offer?


  Shake and Bake – combines the WBV and BEMER for a quick “health charge”.  There are no restrictions on Shake and Bake  —  you can do this as many times a week as you wish. 

  MATRIX — an elegant passive technology.  An energy enhancement and healing system that Sheila has desired to bring to Santa Fe since her pivotal experience with it in 2008.

What are members saying?
See the testimonials on our website and brochures in the studio.

How can I  maximize my progress?
!  Drink water before, during and after your sessions.
•Attitude.  An expectant, focused and positive attitude produces results.  Your mind is your best ally.
•Vit D3 levels – ideally 50 ng/ml or above
Nutrition that supports bone-building – collagen, protein, full spectrum amino acids and beyond
•Start slowly.  This is not a race.  You are embarking upon re-building your structure and metabolic profile.  Incremental progress tends to be more sustainable. That said, changes can be remarkably fast. 

How is my progress tracked
It is tracked after each weekly session on a computerized Performance Report, in graph form and emailed to you.  As we know, numbers are not subjective. 
As well, we suggest you have your physician order a bone density (DEXA) scan and repeat it every 24 months.  This will give you a baseline and an objective way for you to evaluate changes and improvement. 

Will I sweat, work hard and be sore after my session?  There should be little to no soreness after.  You should feel good after your sessions and look forward to them. The exercises are so brief, most people do not even break a sweat.

Is this program considered a complete fitness program?   It’s a very good foundation and in some cases can stand alone.  It’s not necessary to stop your existing training, sport or recreation.  However, same-day hard training circuits should be done after your dancingbones session.

What if I plan to go on vacation and miss several weeks?    Consistent attendance clearly gets results.  We give a significant reward for flawless attendance and early renewal.  Please inform us in advance of planned absences, we will work with you. 

What is the origin of the program? Sheila Nixon in her search for good health and strong bones, experienced the three technologies at separate times in her life.  Each was beneficial on its own.  But when she juxtaposed them within a brief time span, their synergy produced enhanced benefit.  It was that juxtaposition that defined the dancinbones Program as efficacious and unique. 

Sheila holds certification in Homeopathy (constitutional and acute) has completed post-graduate work in Programming Wellness for Industry in Toronto.  She spent 25 years in the entertainment industry in NYC and Toronto as dancer, director, choreographer.  She formerly maintained a healing practice in Santa Fe and has a driving passion to uncover the potential for wellness and vitality in all.   At dancingbones we  share  advanced technologies and other discoveries of sound therapeutic value for your consideration and health.

Does this program help athletes
You bet!!!  All three of these technologies have been used separately in elite athletic training programs.  One example – the Ride Across America Bemer team repeatedly places first by an incredible margin (by 2 days in the 2018 race) ! ! 

Couldn’t I just do this in the gym?  Compared to the bioDensity® technology you would have to lift or push or pull anywhere from 2 to 9 times your body weight for extended lengths of time, in precise positions, to come close to the benefits produced by the bioDensity® system.  This is the genius of the system  —  four carefully controlled, precise and supervised exercises once a week.

What does the program cost
The DancingBones Program (once a week) is in the range of $35 – $69 per session, dependent upon the option you choose.

What is the most cost effective choice for a member?     The monthly auto-pay or the 12-month, pre-paid package.  Significant bonuses are given for perfect attendance and early renewal on most term lengths chosen.