Helpful Suggestions for Common Conditions from DancingBones

Sniffles?  Flu?  Allergies?  Auto-immune issues? Oncology support

What we offer to mitigate these immune-compromised conditions:

  1.  Vitamin D levels – we like them to be above 50 ng/ml (and some of us keep levels higher as insurance!)
  2. Use of tissue-specific Peptide BioRegulators for immune building.
  3. Bemer, Bemer, Bemer – Microcirculation is the key to accelerating transport in and out of the body of oxygen, nutrients, toxins and waste.
  4. MATRIX – with its profound effect on all of the body’s systems and cells, it brings us into a healthy frequency range

Vision – all aspects and conditions and diseases

What we offer to improve and even restructure ocular tissue and function:

  1. Can-C – liquid eye drops – Well-known eye therapy
  2. Peptide BioRegulators, specific for the eyes – One month only of loading dosage followed by just 20 capsules (one box) as a booster when needed.  Only you will know how often you need a booster.  Every 2? 4? 6? Months?
  3. Further Peptide BioRegulator use aids with delivery through the vascular system.  Helpful but not absolutely necessary.
  4. Vitamin D – Essential for all body processes, vision is no different.

Chronic lung and bronchial conditions

What we would do and what we offer:

  1. Vitamin D levels – what more can we say??!!
  2. Peptide Bioregulators specific to the tissue to address condition.