ADK capsules

DaVinci laboratories’ A.D.K. is an indispensable foundational supplement for proper calcium delivery. Bones, bones, bones! Available in 2 sizes.

One of the most critical imbalances is calcium. This poorly understood mineral is so vital to our well-being. And yet (to make a long biological story short) decades of supplementing calcium without its proper co-factors has caused serious problems – dumping calcium into arteries, joints, brain, and kidneys. Instead, calcium needs to be channeled to bones and teeth.

To correct this imbalance with nutrition alone (and it can be done), you would eat lots of eggs (yolk especially), innards, liver, goose liver, fish eggs, grass-finished meats, grass-finished butter, dark green veggies, and natto. And then spend 20 minutes a day in the noon sun.
Or you could spend 60 cents a day on ADK!

It’s imperative you know your D3 blood levels. It’s hard to get sick when your levels are 60-100 ng/ml. ADK is your foundational base. Contains a powerful combination of vitamins A, D, and K2 (as MK-7).