Back Pain

“I don’t have any back issues anymore. I’m just so thrilled. My back had bothered me on and off for years.” -M.G. Jan 2020

“Besides the fact that my chronic, I mean CHRONIC, back pain has disappeared, I am dancing again. Couldn’t dance for some time, but went out dancing the other night!” -A. N.

“Two months on the dancingbones program, my back, shoulder and neck pain is gone. It was constant and something I thought I just had to live with – Not true! Strength increase in arms, legs and core is obvious and welcome.” -K.D. (Female 60’s)

“My back has not felt this good in as long as I can remember.” (3 weeks after starting the dancingbones Program) -B.S. (Male 70’s) June 2017

“I’m feeling much stronger (after 6 weeks in the program). My low backaches are gone!” -R.S.