Joint Pain

“All of my joint pain is gone. It’s gone!” -R.B (female 60’s) Aug 2017

“I thought I hadn’t noticed any changes (after about 10 months on the dancingbones program). But when I thought about it …. I don’t have sciatica anymore, I’m sleeping better, my balance has improved (used to fall frequently), I am off all my COPD medications and I don’t need Prilosec now.” -G.G. (Female 80’s)

“Normally when I garden and dig with a shovel, I have to take an Ibuprofen. This year I’ve noticed (after several months at DB) I don’t need an Ibuprofen.” -M.P. (Female 60’s)

My fingers (were numb) and could not grip to lift. After my session today, I could feel my fingers.” -L. S. ( female 60’s)