Bone Loss and Osteoperosis

“One year ago, my physician told me to start taking drugs to deal with my severe osteoporosis. I told her I wanted to try bioDensity, and she said I would have to start taking drugs in a year. My one-year DEXA results showed 7% improvement in the spine and 5% improvement in the femur. bioDensity worked for me. I changed doctors.” -C.S.

“I pay close attention to my patients progress and results and am more convinced every day that the decision to incorporate osteogenic loading with bioDensity has been extremely beneficial to my patients. After 6 months using bioDensity once a week, I have seen patients with bone density scans showing a remarkable 7% improvement.” –Dr. Harvey M, 2021

“In just four months of weekly dancingbones sessions, my DEXA (bone density) scan has gone from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I’m thrilled!” -D.C., Nov 2018

“I bought a bioDensity for personal use to holistically combat my bone loss. I am happy to report the results of my latest DEXA scan. After doing the bioDensity program for a year and a half the bone density in my lumbar spine has increased by 4%, and I had a 0% decrease in my left hip. After the 10% decrease in my left hip reported by my last DEXA scan three years ago I was thrilled to have not lost the typical 2% a year. I now run a business which also features bioDensity sessions for my customers.” -Marry-Anne J.

‘The technician (reading her recent Bone Scan (DEXA)) said to me, ‘I’m not supposed to tell you this but WOW!'” -A.W. (F), Nov 2019

“In his book, “Strong Bones Forever” Ray Hinish, a Maryland pharmacist, wrote about the impact bioDensity and Power Plate can have for people like myself struggling with bone loss. I am blessed to be in the financial position to make provisions for the second half of my life and found that owning my own bioDensity and Power Plate empowered me to gain muscle and bone growth through osteogenic loading stimulation unavailable in any other capacity. It was an investment in my health and it’s paying dividends already.” – J.S.