“I only went for, what, a little over 3 months? And I saw some really significant strength gain from it.” T.M. Nov 2019

“I came to dancingbones due to low bone density and only expected to build bone mass, not expecting any other benefits. A surprise emerged as my severe Restless Legs Syndrome has improved, and if anyone has that, they know how devastating it can be to quality of life. This has been such a bonus, and added to that, I feel stronger muscle tone and balance, so thank you for bringing this amazing program to Santa Fe.” C.B. Mar 2019

“The last several years, I used a dolly to get the air conditioner up to the second floor. This year, I just scooped it up and carried it up.” R.D.

“I’ve never had this increase (in strength) in such a short time. I’ve been here 2 months. My leg press (in the gym) has increased from 290 pounds to 320pounds, my squat from 70 pounds to 170 pounds. My best squat when I was 32, was 150 lbs.” B.B (Male 70’s)

“The other day in yoga class, I noticed I could do more. There was a marked improvement. I could easily do the poses that were very challenging, now I noticed they were easier to do.. I have more strength to hold the poses. My friend came over to me and said, you are really getting stronger!’” -C.S. (female 60’s)

“I’m stronger and my A1C levels are down. I used to be pre-diabetic… and now I’m not.” -B.B. F 60’s

“I feel so much stronger and better in my legs, I feel really good about wearing high heels again. We love to go to the movie theater, but the stairs were painful. Now I go up and down the stairs easily.” C.M.

“What I’ve experienced – better balance, more strength, more endurance, less tired, more alert, don’t fade at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon anymore – maybe 4:00! Noticed when walking the dog, I would not be able to take a big step up out of the arroyo. Now it’s not a problem.” K. T. (female 70’s)

“I’ve really noticed a difference. The other day I had to handle two heavy boxes. I picked them up and got them into the car without any effort.” C.P.