(After 1 month on vision intensive pack recommended by Sheila) “I can see specific numbers very clearly, whereas before it was irregular. When doing my statements, it became easy to go back and forth from paper to screen. I’m still wearing my glasses for driving but notice other improvements.” -R.R. Dec 2018

“I started on the supplement Sheila recommended, most appropriate for my eye issues, from dancingbones ten days ago. After the very first day I noticed something was different when driving my car. My vision was crisper. Colors were brighter. Then I realized the floaters were far fewer! I (normally) had to blink a lot to clear my vision. No blinking. Near the end of my day, I (normally) blink a lot, but I realized what was missing now after this first day was a mass amount of floaters. By the end of the 3rd day, just a few pale (not opaque) floaters. Woke up today – no floaters! The redness that is in my right eye, by the third day was gone. Oh, oh, the other thing that went away – my vertigo is gone.” (Note: this client is also using the Bemer from time to time.) N. M. (Female 50’s)