What are the three technologies?

  • bioDensity® – since 2004, this device safely triggers osteogenic loading, a biological event proven to reverse bone and muscle loss, enhance balance,  joint stability and A1c levels. Find out more.
  • PEMF – a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field mat a truly remarkable wellness breakthrough, conventionally-used in the EU for 20 years.   We have chosen the finest Swiss/German PEMF device – the one that NASA has contracted to incorporate into astronaut apparel.  That is BEMER. Find out more.
  • PowerPlate – produces better balance and fine motor control in addition to strength, tone and much more.  Used by most Olympic trainers.  At DB, we teach you a Whole Body Vibration protocol to maximize the benefits of the bioDensity and Powerplate juxtaposition. Find out more.