Inside Bones Autumn 2022 Newsletter

Before and after Kirlian photographs of EESystem Exposure.


Autumn 2022   Member Newsletter

by Sheila, founder of dancingbones® wellness studio

What is going on at dancingbones? Where have all these people come from?

Well… I’ll tell you it is as much of a surprise to us as to you. In early June, a video went viral. In the video, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael was interviewed by Jason Shurka of the UNIFYD healing network (You can find it here). Dr. Michael is the developer of the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem®) or what we call MATRIX. It is what pivoted my health, way back in 2008.

In 2010, in an effort to establish this technology in Santa Fe, I hosted Sandra on a very snowy evening at Joe’s Dining, presenting this technology to a hardy audience. Some of you have mentioned to me that you were there! But this brilliant technology has been practically unknown all these years, until Jason’s interview. Following the interview, people have come from far and wide to find out what the EES can do for them. We at DB, had no warning. It threw us for a loop until my stellar staff put systems in place to handle all these beautiful people in a systematic and harmonious manner.

Back to those dark days in 2008: I was fortunate to discover the EES. With 15 hours of exposure – all I could afford at the time – my cells began to imprint with these profoundly healing frequencies. With 15 hours of exposure, I was nowhere near recovered. But an undeniable change in my pain and symptoms had occurred. I had hope. That was the sign for me to bring it to Santa Fe – both for my benefit and for others. Well it took 12 years! But here it is.

How it Works

Before and after Kirlian photographs of EESystem Exposure.Raise the frequency (the rate of vibration) of the cell and you change form and function – you heal. Once we understand that everything, absolutely everything, is frequency, has a signature, and therefore will indeed resonate with everything else that has a matching frequency, we begin to understand true health and for that matter the absence of health which we call disease. Further to the EES’ efficacy, beyond physical improvements, because it repairs DNA expression, activates dormant stem cells and hormonal pathways, many users have experienced mental and emotional improvements and an upsurge in creativity. To give recognition where due, after my EES experience, and absent the availability of an EESystem, I have found other deeply healing modalities – I rate them at the end of this article.


DancingBones, I have been informed, has the most reasonably priced sessions. We have gone up a teeny bit to stay abreast of inflation, but our group prices are designed to be affordable to all. The question is asked, “will one session or set of sessions be everything I need to normalize my condition?” Framed as a miracle, “maybe”. But multiple exposures are typically needed for entrenched conditions. Furthermore, because life bombards us with a myriad of stressors daily, there is benefit in regular intermittent sessions. A good “dose” of the EESystem perhaps bi-weekly or monthly once your condition is stabilized is good “insurance”.

Boosting the Benefits

There are two additional (maybe more, I don’t know) methods or systems that can help extend (overlap? amplify?) the EESystem benefits. One is the stem cell patch developed by David Schmidt chief research scientist for LifeWave. The other is the EESystem medallions and bracelets from Sandra’s headquarters where they are hyper-charged with the frequencies. I use both almost daily. As well, the brilliant BEMER technology, goes a long, long way to sustaining health most especially through its profound effect on circulation and micro-circulation.

In terms of portability though, nothing beats the medallions, and the stem cell patches! All of which work through photo biomodulation – light! Years ago I was told, “the future of healing will be light.” Over the ensuing years, we have seen a plethora of light-based technologies come forward. I have tried many. But without a doubt the EESystem (Dr. Sandra Rose Michael) and the X39 Stem Cell patch (David Schmidt) rate at the top of my experiential list. Followed closely by BEMER and Whole Body Vibration. The Russian peptides have rated high on my “healing” list. They have for the most part been replaced by using the light technology in the X39 and X49 patches (which elevate copper peptides and therefore stem cell activity – much the same pathway as the peptides). They are all here for you.

(A side note: It must be mentioned in the above rating list that a fairly radical change in diet over the last decade has contributed immensely to my recovery of health and vitality. We have several books in our library that guide in that direction.)

The Holidays

DancingBones will be closed Thanksgiving Day Nov 24th, 25th and 26th. We will be open Monday, November 28th for those who would like to make up for those missed sessions. Please book those asap, as we can accommodate a limited number.

The gift-giving season is coming. Think about bringing a family member into the same program you are doing for 50% off! Gift cards for any amount are available. Just ask.

The Roots of Fatigue

The cover of Cure Your Fatigue by Dr. Morley Robbins.My new read is possibly the most comprehensive yet condensed nutritional information I have discovered yet: Cu-RE Your Fatigue: The Root Cause and How to Fix It On Your Own by Morley M Robbins. It is nutrition-based and very much in line with the nutrition books in our library. Each author of course has his/her “take” on nutrition and adds their tweak to the mix.

I am comfortable outside the box of conventional health practices. It is second nature for me to “question everything” (a curse to be sure) so it has not been difficult for me to embrace new ideas in health. In my search for why everyone is sick these days and why I got sick, I always seek the cause of the cause of the cause… Tracking symptom patterns and pathology leads down endless rabbit holes and does not produce the answers I seek. And I want answers! It seems to me human physiology is human physiology. Strip away hair and skin color and account for gender differences and we are all the same – physiologically the same. So it follows there must be a seminal pattern to the cause of every and all dis-eases – something added or something missing that then individually expresses in different symptom patterns but still universally common. Morley Robbins was able to step outside the Western medical model (ironically he was a hospital admin for most of his career) and do some long, deep thinking and 10 years of exhaustive research in pursuit of … the cause of the cause of the cause…

As I’ve said previously, I LOVE paradigm changing ideas (I swear I will die holding a research paper!). Robbins unravels the story of 3 minerals and how, when adequate and balanced, they are responsible for and can return us to our birthright of robust health. He clarifies and simplifies their interplay in such a way, I was gob-smacked. Perhaps, just perhaps, (and I’m not finished reading yet) Morley has found the key to that damned lock! Why is the bulk of our population today so unwell?

I’m very excited about this and will pursue. In the meantime, nothing is stopping you from joining me in the search! Cu-RE Your Fatigue: The Root Cause and How To Fix It On Your Own by Morley Robbins.

Used Patches

What to do with the used Lifewave patches. Some of us patch-users have discovered (thank you Elizabeth!) that a used patch, one that has been worn for 12 hours, may still have some activity in it. So we have started to put those patches in the dog’s or cat’s bed or on the dog’s collar itself. In the case of horses, under the mane near the Atlas bone can be very effective.

Whole Body Vibration: Low or High Intensity?

Research released not so long ago asserts the superior benefit of low (very low amplitude) intensity vibration over high. There were some benefits to the mice in the study and it did translate into immune system improvement in humans and bone density improvement in the small study. (Dr. Clinton Rubin). There were drawbacks, however. The benefits were best accrued with 5-minute sessions 3-6 times a day – not practical. Also low intensity vibration therapy does not replace exercise. It will not make your muscles stronger or more flexible, nor does it improve your cardiovascular system (the heart and lungs).

High Intensity Vibration, like we use here, proven to increase strength and CV health, is widely used by athletes, both human and equine. Additional benefits are its positive affect on brain integration, small motor skills, lymph drainage, balance. So for our purposes here at DancingBones, using Live Vibe® and PowerPlate® brand machines gives us the most desired results. Both brands have the same important specs of 30Hz and are respected in the fitness and geriatric health industries.

In my original (now copied!) DancingBones program we are interested in building STRUCTURAL STRENGTH — that is muscle, bone, ligament, tendon and cartilage. With the vibration component (high frequency vibration), we receive the benefit of increased growth hormone and stem cell differentiation to bone. Quite simply, muscles contracting passively at a rate of 1800 times per minute will get stronger. And it is muscular strength training, more than any other kind of exercise, that promotes bone density. Both bioDensity and Vibration are indeed strength training.

It must be said that Low Frequency Vibration technology warrants more investigation as a health protocol especially for the very frail. One fact that gives me pause however is that there seems to be only one such machine available for purchase and it is produced by the company Marodyne, owned by researcher Clinton Rubin.

* Nothing here is intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.