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Nov 2020

Are your dogs and cats waiting for BEMER?

Aria and Chuckie get Bemer every day!

•  First of all – yes we are open.  We are a health care facility.  And we are fastidiously clean.  We have added one additional thing to our sanitation procedures – we will be taking temps as you enter. 

• We intend DancingBones to be your sanctuary –  one place you can go that is friendly, happy, welcoming and healing.  In order for you to extract the most from your sessions, leave your fears, doubts and worries at the door.  You can always pick them up on your way out (should you want to).  Take a deep breath and embrace and expect your true and total well-being.  Enjoy your time here! 

Coming soon a separate and designated small animal BEMER room.  Part of what we will do is to donate 2 free “transitioning” treatments on Bemer for newly shelter-adopted pets.  There are limits on size.  As much as I LOVE horses, you still cannot bring in even a miniature horse in for Bemer. Sorry.  But we look forward to helping your dear four-leggeds.

NOTE: we have had to postpone this renovation – you all know why.

•  In an unabashed effort to keep our other business afloat, I along with my husband Roland, urge you to order take-out from Joe’s Dining.  Never have we been in such a compromised position since purchasing our first restaurant in Santa Fe in 1995.  As entrepreneurs we are accustomed to the ups and downs, risks and challenges of business but not in any way accustomed to having our hands tied and being unable to “do what we do best” – to serve our community with excellent foods and services.
See the take-out menu here

PHONE 505-471-3800.

And in case you don’t know, Joe’s has built it’s 18 year reputation as a leader in locally-sourced, healthy and often organic foods.  Joe’s is the biggest buyer in Santa Fe and possibly in NM, of locally sourced meats, veggies, fruits, cheese – anything that the farmers grow, we buy.  As you might guess, both Roland and I are very health conscious.  We eat at Joe’s every day and offer you the same “beyond-high-quality” food we eat.

So you can stiil EAT AT JOE’S…in or take out, depennding!

I’ll take this opportunity as we do every year at this time, to express our gratitude to God, to this free country (both my husband and I are immigrants, BTW), and to you our faithful clients at both of our businesses.  Bless you and thank you!!!!!!!

• BLACK FRIDAY special – 50% off MATRIX sessions – cards of 1, 5 or 10.


There is nothing more exciting than the “ah ha” moment when we find the truth behind a widely held yet flawed belief or behavior.  It can be a liberating, if also disturbing, moment. Years ago I was told by many authorities and lay people alike, that Statins are the new miracle drug, that everyone over 50 should take them prophylactically even if not diagnosed with “high” cholesterol.  My response at the time was – “Oh, really?  On what grounds do you say that?  Why would this beautifully designed body which runs on elegantly and delicately-balanced biomechanisms suddenly NEED a suppression of cholesterol?”  I had grave doubts but at the time not enough data had been reported about the side peffects to draw firm conclusions.

I concede that early on, it seemed fabulous. Problem – heart disease presumably caused by blockages caused by cholesterol, take a pill, reduce cholesterol. Boom, problem solved.  But there’s always more to the story.  And it’s not pretty.  I’ve been known to say, somewhat facetiously, and only from observation (of certain of my family members) that “Statins eat muscles for breakfast, joints for lunch and nerves for dinner.”

As the side effects and intolerances to statins began to be reported and seemed significant, one had to ask, why the continued aggressive marketing of Crestor, Lipitor and others of that class of drugs?

Cui bono? (who benefits $?)

It turns out, 14 years later, that some brilliant minds have done the heavy lifting for me and answered those questions. 

Let me say this – when you walk in to DB as a client you deserve and will be privy to, some cutting edge and unconventional information – the best I can give you.  Some of it may be uncomfortable.  I am motivated perhaps driven to ask and explore UNDERLYING CAUSES of common and prevalent physiological complaints.  I put forth that information for you to examine.

Our programs here have a broad range of benefits, beyond addressing bone density, which is of course of paramount importance to optimal FUNCTION.  What I have learned, however, over the last four years, is that mitigating factors unknown to me, seem to prevent some members from making the progress that one expects and that others have made, from the bioDensity program.  There are other factors.  But here I’m addressing mainly the effect of statins on muscle strength.

Fear of stroke is the driver behind taking statins.  Perfectly understandable.

Cholesterol has been for decades, the bad guy.  Blamed for heart attacks and strokes.

But the fact is, cholesterol production is CRITICAL to body systems – muscle, nerves and fascia, hormones, brain function – all depend on healthy cholesterol levels. 

Statins, very simply, create a blockade to the biosynthesis of cholesterol.  They interrupt the complex pathway of cholesterol production.  And are successful in lowering cholesterol levels.  However,  the end effect has proven devastating to health.  Statins cause actual DNA damage by interfering with mitochondrial function.  Thus the commonly experienced fatigue and weakness.

 Since I’m way over my paygrade in explaining cholesterol production , I have purchased 2 new books for you to peruse – The Statin Damage Crisis and The Dark Side of Statins.

In his books Dr. Duane Graveline MD does not just outline all the dangers of statins leaving you hanging without alternatives.  He does have a supplement protocol that he found effective in combatting his own decline from taking statins.  So if this information is relevant to you or a loved one, avail yourself of it. 

You may have had muscle weakness, unexplained recurring injuries, hit the wall with fatigue, cognitive issues, memory loss, even personality changes. Ignorance is not bliss and there are answers.

This is  Dr. M. Kendrick’s preface to the book The Stain Damage Crisis.  Be forewarned, it’s pretty tough:  “Duane Graveline has done the world a great service by gathering together thousands of reports of statin drug side effects.  These range from minor muscle pains, to the complete destruction of muscles, kidney failure . . .   They include the very worrying possibility…of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)…on the horizon is cancer… If you are taking Statins, you owe it to yourself to read this book.  Maybe it won’t change your mind.  The world, after all, has been trained to be terrified of cholesterol levels and you probably believe you will die if you don’t take your statin.  This is complete and utter nonsense of course.”

A couple of things to add:

There are nutritionals beyond those offered in these books that are worth looking into.  One is Ketone Esters.  (look up Travis Christofferson on Ketones).  Another is Collagen (20-30gr) to supply the amino acid building blocks that can be deficient.

Three premises I endeavor to live by and share with you:

#1) everything heals (my own death sentence in 2007 being evidential)
#2) decline due to aging is a state of mind.  
#3) you are here to do something no one else can do and it’s a heckofa lot easier to do it in a healthy body!

OK, got it?  If not, humour me.  Because I love you.

2 for 1.  A reminder that you can substitute 2 Shake and Bakes for your weekly bioDensity, if for any reason you need to miss your bioDensity session.  Both Whole Body Vibration and BEMER have significant positive effect on bone building, even though not as rapidly or profoundly as bioDensity.

I could not live without Colloidal Silver! I have a long and growing list of reasons why.
I have used it since the mid 90’s, first for lacerations and puncture wounds in my practice with horses; and as my experience with it grew – for almost everything!   With this current health scare, though, it has taken on far greater value for me.

• Here is an article about a new application of silver technology. What a joy to see it making its way into business in a big way!

Silver-Embedded Flight Crew Uniforms Protect Against Bacteria and Viruses

Keyvan Aviation, a corporate jet management company, has produced the world’s first airline antibacterial and antiviral crew uniform.

The uniforms are now embedded with silver ions. The fabric maintains its antimicrobial properties even after washing 100 times at 140 degrees F the company notes.

A company official, Mehmet Keyvan, said “The product has only been launched very recently, and we have received a good amount of interest from airlines and airports.”

Apparently, the major airlines are aware that silver ions kill both bacteria and viruses. And they’re willing to make major purchases of these new silver-embedded flight crew uniforms.

Unfortunately, the FDA and other medical bureaucracies continue to deny any antimicrobial or antiviral benefits of silver ions whatsoever, in spite of hundreds of scientific studies clearly showing silver’s astonishing antimicrobial benefits.

But businesses, like the airlines, (and DancingBones!) know that in this current time of Strange Diseases, they have an obligation to protect their employees (and clients).
How long before the general public will be allowed to know that silver kills both bacteria and viruses? Apparently, not as long as Big Pharma holds such massive sway over our government.
Thankfully, folks who know about colloidal silver – the world’s most powerful, all-natural antibacterial and antiviral substance – understand how profoundly powerful and effective silver can be against both infectious bacteria and viruses.” by Steve Barwick.

One suggestion when you come in to DB, mist your mask, your hands and anything else with Colloidal Silver.  We have bottles of it everywhere for you to freely use.  I keep one in my car.  And I wouldn’t dream of travelling without it – hotel rooms and airline seats get a thorough misting before I settle in.     Since April, we have offered our pristine nano particle suspension Colloidal Silver for sale (.8 nanometers at 10ppm).  Just ask!

What are the best FATS to consume?  Lard, one of the healthiest of all foods – who knew?? Tallow, butter, ghee, whole eggs, avocado and coconut oils and high quality olive oil.  Avoid other seed and vegetable oils.

KETONES – Here’s something quite helpful for anyone undergoing conventional cancer treatment  – Regarding ketones (endogenous or exogenous) – “A small trial showed that a simple 48-72 hour fast immediately before chemotherapy dramatically reduced the corrosive side-effects from radiation and chemotherapy.”  Ketones, the Fourth Fuel by Travis Christofferson.  I know some of our clients have experienced brilliant results in their health and weight with a diet that keeps them in ketosis (burning fat, rather than carbs/sugar) either long term or cycling in and out with periodic fasting.  Christofferson’s research digs deep into the incredible and broad spectrum effects of Ketones.

• A couple of lovely comments or testimonials recently from our clients:

“I had never before experienced a spontaneous lift in depression without an increase in medication.  The only thing I had done differently was the MATRIX.”

About the DB regular program, “Don’t mess with me, I can push steel now.”

After taking the CHITIN DISRUPTOR for Candida, “I think it was the best thing I ever did …it (started) in 1982.  After I did the (Chitin Disruptor) treatment, I don’t have to be sooooo careful with what I eat.  I can have a slice of pizza or pie and I feel fine!” 

“This is such a healing atmosphere, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t get benefit just by walking in!”

“Since I began the DB program my posture is better.  I wake up without back pain or stiffness.  My time in the MATRIX leaves me feeling peaceful & sleeping so much better.  I love the products DB carries – especially Can-C for eyes.  DancingBones is the best way to handle these trying times.”

That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!!

•  What we do here at DB, besides the obvious attention to bone density, is to provide our members with support and  information on the fundamentals of robust health.  We feel that without addressing the basics, it’s difficult to move forward into real vitality and function and to get the very most out of your DancingBones Program. 
Ask yourself these questions: 

? Do you get sufficient sun or are your VIT D levels in the 60-80 range? 

? Are you metabolically healthy – meaning your body is burning/metabolizing fat as fuel, rather than habitually sugar/carbs –  and therefore your blood sugar levels are well into the norm range, as opposed to pre-diabetic or diabetic type 2.? 

? Have you addressed a candida overgrowth?  This is FAR more common than one would think. 

? Are you aware of and treating (naturally!!) vision issues?

? Do you have a program in place to keep and build muscle and bone?  The muscle belly is where the amino acids/peptides are stored that provide the building blocks really for all of our tissues.  Sarcopenia (muscle loss) is a real thing, and far more health-impactful than one would guess. 

 ? Are you getting 7-9 hours of deep sleep?  Theta and delta brainwave state is when our bodies repair.

So, to address the basics of good health, here is what we offer at DB:

•Vit D levels sufficient to be protective.  Pharmaceutical grade ADK5 or ADK10 and supplemental pure D3.

•internal gut “critters” under control – Chitin Disruptor capsules.

• Information on a diet in tune with our ancestral genetic code such that metabolically you cycle into ketosis at least part of the time.  We have books in our library here by such brilliant researchers as Paul Saladino MD, Nora Gedgaudas, Thomas Levy, MD, Nina Tiechholz, K.Rheume-Bleue , Shawn Baker MD, Dr. Joseph Mercola and many other visionary voices.

• Attention to eye health – VISOLTEN/RETINA Peptide protocol, Can-C daily drops

•Quality Sleep – ENDOLUTEN/PINEAL capsules and SLEEP TIGHT liquid.

• And finally resistance or weight training to maintain/gain muscle and bone – the main DancingBones program.  Additionally once a week of Shake and Bake (or any other targeted weight resistance training) with emphasis on resistance, will benefit muscle and bone loss.

This from Dr. Paul Saladino on how important NATURE and SUNLIGHT are to our health , “It also seems pretty darn clear that not being outside in the natural world and the sunlight is a very bad idea for us as humans. Remember all of the striking data regarding vitamin D and COVID-19 outcomes? Yeah, sunlight is crucial for optimal human health, as is wilderness and nature. End of story.”

•  Magnesium – an essential for many functions within the body including blood pressure regulation, bone health, and blood glucose control. Magnesium is a cofactor for hundreds of enzymes, including those involved in vitamin D activation. Magnesium is needed for immune function playing, lymphocyte activation, and antibody production. Magnesium deficiency is common world-wide and low magnesium levels have been linked to atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rate), hypertension, CV disease, type 2 diabetes and migraines.

•  Best immune defense with Peptide bioReguators:
Vladonix for the thymus plus Taxorest for lungs and bronchi.  They work at the DNA level to repair and reconstrucct “broken” strands, thus messaging that the targetted organ or system is now functioning as a MUCH younger and healthier unit.  Brilliant.  Read about them in our brochures.  We carry the most essential peptides. I have been using Vladonix and Enduoluten more often in the last 9 months than I normally do.  Why not??

• If OZONE is not on your radar yet and if you want to keep an almost sterile environment, you may want to research ozonating products.  Oxygen, sunlight, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, all of them oxygen-related, have pathogen-killing properties.
I actually believe that extreme measures with sterlizing everything is counterproductive to health.  As a species we would not have survived through the millenia had we lived in a germ-free bubble.  Our bodies and immune systems teach themselves immunity by moderate exposure to an infinite variety of organisms.  Kids eat dirt!  But we do not want to overwhelm the system with a single new organism.  And I assure you, at DB, we go overboard to keep an almost sterile environment out of respect for anyone who may be pre-compromised or perhaps hesitant.

  •Lock-down can only go 4 ways.  You’ll come out a Monk, a Hunk, a Chunk or a Drunk. 

  •Pretty wild how we used to eat cake after someone had blown all over it.

  •I’m not adding this year to my age.  I did not use it.

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Nothing here is intended to diagnose, treat or cure diseased conditions.  Consult your Doc.