Inside Bones Fall January 2022

Inside Bones Fall January 2022

Cat Nap – one of Dee Smart’s charming works – all  artists’ works at DB are for sale.

Good Vibrations

Whole Body Vibration – good for the mind, good for the body.Here is a quick list of benefits to be gained from vibrating.

Activates neurotransmitters, natural chemicals, strengthens neural connections, helps with balance, core strength, muscular tone and muscle strength (because the muscles are automatically contracting 1800 times per minute), improves joint health, increases serotonin, reduces pain and inflammation, great for lymph drainage, reduces leptin (the appetite hormone), helps with sleep.  Even if all you do is stand or sit on it, it speeds up metabolism, increases energy, raises mood, strengthens muscles, improves balance.

Not bad for a few minutes of shaking your booty!


Are you concerned about transmission of any flu’s, variants or common pathogens?  If so, there are some very simple protective habits you can adopt:

  • Spray your sinuses and throat frequently   with colloidal silver.  Keep a bottle with you.  Use it liberally on your hands and surfaces.
  • Nebulize frequently with one or more of: hydrogen peroxide, iodine or colloidal silver.
  • Vit C, zinc and quercetin – we all know the efficacy of these.
  • Vit D3 – Beyond critical!!


  • When you gotta go, you gotta go!  But please remember we require a month’s notice to pause your program.
  • Claim your rewards!  Perfect attendance for three months?  Schedule your complementary MATRIX session – 1 hour or 2-hour, your choice.
  • And a reminder – a second family member or friend enrolled in the same program as you and running concurrently gets 50% off their membership!
  • Check out new more user-friendly pricing for MATRIX.  One hour sessions, group pricing, 2nd hour discounts …  You’ll be happy.

Stem Cell Therapy

Always open to superb and often out-of-the-box therapeutics, I was handed an impossibly simple affordable and stunning health modality by serandipity.  Actually her name is Marya.   It was late October when Marya introduced me to this company, its brilliant research, and its recent debut of two stunning products. I was tempted to dismiss it as just another mediocre health product.  So glad I didn’t!  After 5 weeks of testing, (a shorter time than usual) I could wait no longer to bring it to family, friends and you. Bear this in mind.  I do not bring anything into DB that I am not thoroughly confident of its efficacy, quality, and safety. Pick up the brochure Stem Cell Therapy in the reception area for details. If you have not given it a try yet, I urge you to do so. See our new sample packs. Some of you have already tried it and we are loving your feedback. You will often feel changes within minutes or hours.  Some take longer.  But I assure you, when you are activating copper binding peptides and stem cells, significant “renovation” is taking place in your body.

Take advantage of our discounted introductory patch prices.

Keeping Clean

Immunity, natural or otherwise, has been top of mind these days.  Along those lines, I remember doing research on auto-immune conditions decades ago and came upon an interesting report.  The study observed that children raised on working farms and ranches had far fewer diagnoses of asthma than city kids.  Now why would that be?  I’m going to take a wild guess (very scientific!) that perhaps being exposed to dirt and soil and manure and cow teats and chicken feathers and horsehair and God-knows-what was not such a bad thing. Our compulsion to create “germ-free” environments may have back-fired.

This from Dr. Micozzi on hand sanitizers:
“The FDA has finally figured out that good old soap and water is just as effective—and much less dangerous for your health— than antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. Specifically, the triclosan and triclocarban ingredients in these products kill not only good bacteria, but they’ve also been shown to disrupt hormones.”

That said, we at DB do not trifle with sanitation.  We have always kept a very sanitary environment and since covid, we’ve notched it up.

But it gives one pause – how complex is our immune system and what factors and behaviors support it and what hampers its fluid functioning?

Take Your D!

One thing I do know about immunity – you’re taking a GIGANTIC risk with your health if your Vitamin D3 blood serum levels are below 40.  And add to that, the two biggest risk factors for flu (of any kind) are low Vitamin D levels and obesity.

I do hope my incessant nagging (mostly in newsletters since 2012) and more recently the flood of Vitamin D info from various media, have helped everyone understand that inadequate levels can be deadly, literally! After the report of the early deaths from covid in Italy, it was found that many of those who passed had Vit D levels as low as 12, 15 and even single digits.

But nothing could be simpler than to start with raising your D levels as health insurance.  I call healthy D levels “Teflon” – nothing sticks!  We carry a very good pharmaceutical grade USA made AD&K formula.

And you can order a self test kit here: (We have no affiliation).  They are about $80.00 now for 2 kits.  Or have your doc test yours.

I like my level in the 80 to over 100 ng/ml range.  My opinion only*

These are the Worst!

It’s 2022!  What are some of the Worst Health Practices to be aware of as we start a New Year?

  1. Taking multiple meds while not knowing their interactions and side effects.
  2. Eating non-foods like Beyond Meat. Truly, the body does not know how to process certain things we ingest – fake food-like substances are one.
  3. PUFA’s – polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are the vegetable and seed oils – canola, soy, corn, safflower, etc.These are highly inflammatory. High quality olive oil and coconut oil are exceptions.
  4. Avoidance of saturated fats – especially harmful to young developing brains and bodies. The brain REQUIRES cholesterol. It’s one of those non-negotiable things!
  5. Dehydration and lack of electrolytes
  6. Sedentary lifestyle. One good practice if one cannot avoid long hours of sitting is to take a “Shake Break” – 5 minutes every hour. If you own a vibration machine – great.  If not – use the mini hand-held that we carry (on sale now!).
  7. Avoiding the sun.
  8. No sense of humor – deadly!

Healthy Recipe

Chicken Liver Pate ~ Is YummyBonnie Mahlum, one of our members, brings us healthy traditional recipes –  This one is from her grandma – Chicken Liver Pate:

Devein 1/2# organic chicken livers.  In covered pan, steam livers, 2 T butter, 2 T diced onion for 10 min.  Remove from heat.  Add 6-8 T butter, garlic to taste, 2T vermouth or sherry.  Mash all and enjoy!

Got Copper?

GHK Copper Peptides: for Skin and Hair Beauty by Loren Pickart Phd: New 9780977185351 | eBayMy latest engaging read is  GHK Copper Peptides   by Dr Loren Pickart PhD,  how naturally occurring endogenous copper peptides, declining after the age of 30, can be resuscitated in order to stimulate stem cells.  And of course, stem cells are the genesis of all we are biologically.  Fascinating. To grasp the health, youth, beauty, age reversal implications of these peptides is monumental. An easy read – not all “sciencey” and dry.

The Dangers of Seed Oils

If you still need convincing about seed oils, listen to this.  Researchers fed one group of mice with 1% seed oils, the other 8% seed oils.  The differences were astounding.  The 8% group was way fatter and died sooner.  Why? Because seed oils cause hyperphagia – excessive hunger, the same way cannabis give people the munchies… Seed oils (and cannabis!) disrupt the endocannabinoid receptors in the hypothalamus and increase leptin (the hunger hormone).  The single best thing you can do for your health is eliminate all seed oils.  Cook in butter and tallow.  Coconut oil and really good olive oil are fine.  Conventionally raised meats are significant sources of PUFA’s (poly unsaturated fatty acids).  Eating them is no different from eating seed oils directly.  Field-raised (truly pastured!) chickens, pork, beef and all other pastured meats are good.

Super Silver

My respect for the power and diverse application of Colloidal Silver keeps growing.Turns out that silver nanoparticles enhance the efficacy of many antibiotics: tetracycline, penicillin and vancomycin, to name 3.  Boston University biomedical engineer James Collins found silver can disrupt bacteria and could help deal with the modern scourge of antibiotic resistant bacteria!!!

Bone Food

Osteoporosis prevention food checklist.  Are you “feeding your bones?”  A, D and K are crucial for bone development and maintenance.

A –   Liver, mackerel, herring, caviar, fish eggs, eggs, cheese, butter.

D3 – cod liver oil, salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovy, eggs, fish eggs, butter, cremini mushrooms.

K2 –  Liver, natto, chicken liver, Jarlsberg, gouda, eggs, butter, fatty meats and sausages.

* Nothing here is intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.