Is Lard Good? It is.

Lard Ranked as the 8th Healthiest Food.

Saturated fats like butter, lard, and tallow were thought to cause heart disease, causing the food industry to replace saturated fats with hydrogenated oils that are loaded with trans fats. Multiple studies support the notion that animal fats are a healthy and important part of the human diet. Many valuable nutrients are found in lard, such as vitamin D, omega-3 fats, monounsaturated fats (the same fats found in avocados and olive oil), saturated fats and choline (an essential nutrient needed for many steps of metabolism). The BBC ranked the ingredients that provide the best balance of your daily nutritional requirements, among which, lard placed #8 out of 100.…/20180126-the-100-most-nutritious-foods

When buying it, avoid hydrogenated lard, since it will contain trans fat. Additionally, products containing 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving can claim to be trans fat free on the label. For the highest quality and nutrition, make sure the pork fat you buy is from organic pastured (free-range) hogs.

Rendering your own lard is simple, albeit a bit time consuming. Luckily, for those curious and willing to try, here’s a video tutorial showing how to render your own lard!–5vi37W7DEsJ-1c