DancingBones’ Newsletter, May 2017

DancingBones’ Newsletter, May 2017

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Holy moly, we’re into our third month and things are going beautifully.  Encouraging feedback and the word is getting out.   It works! It helps! members are feeling improvements!

I can’t tell you how gratified I am to have gone forward with this dream.  And Jo and Cristiana have been an integral part of creating the ambiance of DancingBones.  A safe and respectful environment for you to move forward with your health.  I honestly did not anticipate the broad range of benefits clients are reporting.  The bioDensity company has been tracking bone density increases for years on various age populations; and your individual weekly performance report definitively illustrates your strength progress.  But combined with Bemer and Live Vibe, the results are even broader.
We are starting to gather clients’ reports (testimonials).  If you care to share yours with us, I’m sure it would encourage others to experience what the DB program can do for them.

Just two recent reports:  “I was able to sleep on that arm last night for the first time in a long time.  I haven’t been able to for at least 6 months.” – J.
When asked by a new client what she had experienced, K. said “better balance, more strength, more endurance, less tired, more alert, don’t fade at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon anymore – maybe 4:00!  Noticed when walking the dog, I would not be able to take a big step up out of the arroyo.  Now it’s not a problem.”


The animal room is open.  After the humans have had their sessions for the day, we can take the small companion animals in the designated Bemer critter room for a relaxing 8 minute session accompanied by their mom or pop.   What can this do for your pet?   Here’s a personal report from just yesterday!  Chuckie (our terrier) woke me before 5 am on Tuesday with yelps, whines and scooting around the house – not at all normal.  Tail down, worried eyes.  My mind racing to think what to do.  Of course I gave him a homeopathic remedy (I have been a certified homeopath for decades).  He settled down somewhat.  I went back to bed.  Soon more commotion.  Got up, put him on the Bemer mat, low setting, and sat with him for about 15 minutes.  While I dressed and got ready to leave, he stayed on the mat.  He normally follows us all over the house.  He simply stayed on the mat.  At least 40 minutes that we know of.  Both of us left for the day.  When I returned late afternoon – normal happy high-energy Chuckie.  No sign of any pain or abnormality whatsoever.  Now Bemer does not replace proper care, feeding, exercise, worming etc.  But in more than one instance to date, it has successfully addressed an acute condition in our family.


Which brings up the subject of nutrition.  IMNSHO, there is no hope of experiencing real health and vitality if you feed your body crap.  There I said it.  GIGO.  Our bodies have little to no tolerance for anything but true real un-messed-with food.   Please please please, I want you to be truly well.  Read the words on the wall in the waiting room.  You can be all that.  But it does start with nutrition with diet and with physical activity.  And believe me I have the same challenges you do.  If my health did not matter to me, I would live on champagne, potato chips and chocolate!  If you don’t know where to start, I always suggest a high quality organic powdered green food.  (about $35 – $50).  If well-formulated, you will be getting a broad range of nutrients.  Just hold your nose and drink it once a day!  There’s a WHOLE lot more to a good nutritional program, but that’s a good start.


We have a bulletin board up now.  Put up your business cards or “for sale” or “for rent” or whatever items.


A heads up for our members, our “too good to be true opening specials” will be going away soon.  We will be reverting to our regular prices.  Tell your friends or anyone you care about so they can get in under the wire.  Don’t worry, all your existing membership agreements will be honored.


What can Bemer actually do for us?  As you know the Bemer company avoids using disease names in the U.S. so – here goes: because of its unparalleled facility to restore and maintain micro-circulation (capillaries), Bemer speeds delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all cells and removal of waste from all cells.  When that happens, the sky’s the limit!  Energy, stamina, endurance, sports recovery, reduction of swelling and redness of tissues and joints, various cerebral impact  (brain fog, speech, memory, head “discomfort”, delivery and balance of natural hormonal activity).  Because the Bemer signal is the only one to affect us at this micro level (drugs do not) the regenerative processes are set in motion and benefits can be realized in every body system.  Also, with regular use and especially with the sleep program, cells begin to de-acidify.  This has enormous cascade effects.  Most (none) of today’s all-too-common diseases can survive an alkaline (de-acidified) environment!  Who uses the BemerLinda Telington Jones, world famous horse trainer and still active in her upper seventies, calls it her fountain of youth.  And the latest rumour – is that Tom Brady credits his age defying athletic abilities to a certain Swiss-German 19-year old device that increases micro circulation.   And then there’s the winning RAAM (Ride Across America) team.  Enough about Bemer, but you asked!


Why do we offer certain products?  I’ll quote from the last newsletter: For many years now, I have observed a shocking vacuum of up-to-date knowledge on supplementation and nutrition.  Misinformation can be harmful.  Taking cheap or imbalanced and synthetic supplements can do far more harm than taking none at all.   For instance, supplementing calcium without the proper co-factors sends that calcium to arteries, joints, kidneys and soft tissue rather than to bones and teeth.  Yes, you read that right!

To fill this vacuum and for your convenience we are making available pharmaceutical grade (non drug) nutraceuticals, the first of which is ADK.  Perfectly balanced to deliver calcium to where it should go and to ensure the proper functioning of Vit D,  these co-factors have been shown to break down cholesteral-bound calcium deposits.  Yes, reversing damage – but slowly and naturally.

Theodent toothpaste, because we are concerned at DB with what calcium does to bones, it is not a stretch to think of proper protection and re-building of tooth enamel.  Yup, that’s why Dr. Oz and other big names endorse Theodent.  It is fluoride-free, of course!
Soon to come –  a product to easily and effectively address candida overgrowth – something that insidiously affects most mammals.


Speaking of endorsements,

Tony Robbins has come out in a recent article stating he has used the first generation of Dr. John Jaquish’s invention bioDensity for years in his homes.  For the record he is now endorsing Dr. Jaquish’s second generation device based on the identical biomechanical principal of osteogenic loading!
Are we on the right track or what!?

And there’s more! – Dr. Mercola is promoting and supporting whole body vibration.   Go to his site for full article. http://fitness.mercola.com –


We now have gift cards for your friends and family in any amount you wish.


Onward and upward to – – – “Living and moving with ageless vitality.”