DancingBones’ Newsletter, April 2018

DancingBones’ Newsletter, April 2018

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Real robust dependable health can certainly be elusive at times.  In my search for that holy grail,  I have discovered that there are (at least) a few issues to be cleared from the table in laying the foundation to experiencing good health.

Here we go –


  1. Hydration

How many times have you heard it?  Staying hydrated however cannot be over-emphasized.  I recently had an unpleasant wake-up call by letting myself get dehydrated.  It was not funny.  But even under “normal” conditions, our joints, our muscles, the discs between our vertebrae, our digestion – every cell of our bodies simply work better with water.  And here at DB, the program seems simple, but it works profoundly on many levels and REQUIRES you be hydrated.

You probably know the formula – divide your body weight in ½ and drink that many ounces of water daily. Add a few more if you are particularly active, working out of doors or living at 5,000 – 7,000 feet elevation!


          2. Parasites

OK, this gets down to the nitty gritty.  Yup, just like routine control with our horses, dogs and cats, we benefit by paying attention to that unsavory subject.  Candida is especially rampant and difficult to bring into balance.  But not at all impossible.  And I have not found anything more effective than Chitin Disruptor, a tasteless powder that is combined with a fatty meal in accord with a certain protocol.  Myself, my horses and dogs and family are dosed routinely.  Or… you can control it with diet –  live on steak and kale.  Been there done that.

Other parasites can be addressed with other substances.


  1. Calcium

A subject riddled with misinformation and about which I have written for several years, ad nauseum.  Calcium transport in the body is one of the most important but least understood systems in the body.  We have been told to take calcium.  However, without adequate sun exposure (which we have been falsely warned against and which is minimally effective above the 35thparallel), calcium can actually accumulate in the wrong places (arteries, joints, kidneys, etc.).   This can cause occlusion of the arteries, calcium deposits in joints, various forms of arthritis and kidney problems.

In the blue binder in our waiting room entitled “OF INTEREST”, there is an article that fully explains calcium transport and the critical importance of including K2 and D3.

In short, everyone would benefit by taking a pharmaceutical grade, ratio-balanced combination of A, D3 and K2.

ADK is the cheapest ($15/month) and I would argue, the second most important thing you could do for your bones.


  1. Exercise

I know, I know, you’ve heard it over and over.  But, there is absolutely nothing that does as much for our well-being as good vigorous exercise.  The new exercise science is on our side.  The right kind of exercise does not need to be long, tedious, and repetitive.  The central nervous system, when triggered with brief intense bursts of activity will initiate a cascade of positive biological processes.  Growth hormones are awakened.  Osteogenic building blocks are told to do what they did when we were very young, ATP production (energy) is ramped up.   Now this is exactly what the DancingBones program is built upon.  The DB program is a pretty darned good exercise foundation but we encourage you to keep up other exercise programs or recreational exercise that you enjoy.  You will find your other activities will be enhanced and become easier as the months go by.

This from Dr. Pescatore on exercise and cognitive ability:

According to four new studies presented at the 2012 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver, exercise may be one of the best ways to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s.3  One of the studies involved 120 sedentary adults without dementia. Half of them were assigned to a walking group. The other half did stretching exercises. A year later, each volunteer had their brain’s hippocampus (the memory region) measured with an MRI.
After just one year, the size of the hippocampus increased by 2 percent in the walking group. This is significant because, as I mentioned above, brain shrinkage is one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s.
Another study found that resistance training  led to improvements in three brain regions involving memory. You can get these effects by lifting some 5-pound weights. Twice a week—that’s all you need.

This research reaffirms what I’ve been advising my patients for YEARS now. You can stave off all sorts of serious chronic diseases—including dementia—with just a little bit of effort every day. And you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. In fact, you don’t even have to break a sweat.


(Comment from Sheila – I do not agree that 5 pounds can do much for muscle and bone atrophy, but it’s a start and clearly has cognitive benefit.)


  1. Sun

Yes we need sun on our beautiful (hopefully) naked bodies.  Period.


  1. Food

The long and short of it – eat the very best quality you can afford.  Eat locally grown when you can.  Eat organic when you can.  Avoid junk food like the plague.  Avoid chain restaurants…or name me one whose ingredients are acceptable.  Avoid GMO’s.  Read labels.  If you can’t pronounce it, or if it was not in grandma’s cupboard, avoid it.  Do not use vegetable oils except olive and coconut. Eat saturated fat and appropriate amounts of sea salt.  Never touch artificial sweeteners.  Eat simple whole food.  Avoid feed-lot meats. Wine is good.  Sodas and energy drinks tear up the body.  Avoid sugar.

Then, get this, cheat every once in a while.  It’s good for your soul.


On the subject of vegan and vegetarian diets:

I must express my concern for the health of those who have chosen to be vegetarian or truly vegan.  That diet does indeed have benefits, if carefully designed and adhered to.  However the long-range deficiencies, perhaps appearing only after decades, do negatively impact certain biological systems.  The objection always arises – but I’ve been vegetarian for 10 years (or more) and I’m just fine.  In most cases, such healthy vegetarians do “cheat”.  They do add seafood, butter, cheeses and perhaps eggs to their diet. IMO, that’s a good thing!  Be assured of where I am coming from. Number one – I love animals more than you could possibly imagine.  Number two – I truly respect everyone’s right to their choices and belief systems.   I am in the business of caring for and about your wellness at a deep and fundamental level.  So I am remiss if I do not state my recommendations for good health and extended vitality.   And that is – – that critical nutrients and micronutrients are sourced only from meat. Wild meats are best. Grass-fed-and-finished meats are the only ones to consider.  Industrially farmed meats are wholly unacceptable.  Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, MD is an excellent book.


We want the very best for our members.  Robust health can take comittment.  It has many moving parts.  We’ll do our best to support you in “living and moving with ageless vitality.”


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