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April 2022   Member Newsletter

by Sheila, founder of dancingbones® wellness studio

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This season is dreaded by many in Santa Fe.  Over the years we have found some natural remedies that can help. Colloidal silver* either sprayed or dripped frequently into nasal cavities, or nebulized clears breathing passages.  Up your VIT C intake, possibly adding quercetin and zinc.  Make sure your VIT D3* levels are well over 50.  (I like mine in the 80-110 range.)  A BEMER pad placed over the face can bring relief.  And this is new, we are now experimenting with the LW patches* – Aeon, Carnosine, and X39 or Glutathione are bringing relief.
* these are available at DancingBones.

Check out new more user-friendly pricing for MATRIX.  One-hour sessions, group pricing, 2nd-hour discounts, and special pricing for customized healing intensives.

Accept no Substitutes

It turns out, no surprise,  that “foods” processed and created to replace and imitate animal protein sources, have questionable edibility.   14 out of 19 vegan processed “foods” were found to have inedible substances in their formulas, most notably mineral oil plus “questionable additives”.  If you choose a plant-based diet, it would be wise to eat foods as they grow naturally – hundreds and hundreds of whole, natural plant foods.  And avoid food-like substances, most of which imitate animal products – cheese-like and meat-like manufactured “non-foods”.   They are highly profitable for that specific industry, but not truly supportive of your health, and are probably detrimental.  For a vegetarian, it’s hard not to feel guilty if you crave a burger.  But do yourself and Mother Earth a favor by avoiding a man-made substitute.  (Beyond Meat is one example)


You have no idea how much distress it causes me (and of course, it’s all about me! 😉) when a member calls in to cancel their session because they sustained injury or surgery.  OMG! that’s EXACTLY when you most need us!  These technologies are purposed for just such traumas.  All of them, but most especially BEMER, MATRIX, and PATCHES can (I have to say “can” to please the FDA, otherwise I would say “do”) accelerate recovery.  Injuries are begging for an uptick in circulation, oxygen delivery, reduction in inflammation, stimulation of stem cell activity, and all the other endogenous biological agents that speed healing.  We can adjust and customize your fees appropriately.  So don’t be a couch weenie when you are injured.  Yes, of course, do what your doc suggests, but also get your b_ _ _ in and take advantage of the marvelous healing agents we offer here at DB.  They address more than just osteoporosis.


Why is collagen such a buzzword?  What does it really do? Just a few things – provide cushioning between bones to help them glide more effortlessly, supply the building blocks (amino acids) to maintain bone density, soothe and repair digestive lining, and repair multiple other tissues like skin, hair, and nails.   Remember also that collagen needs Vit C to work effectively.  So make sure you have a daily source of Vit C along with your collagen.

Comparing two collagen products.  DB offers two great dissolvable and tasteless collagens.  The original Great Lakes brand and now Regenos.  Regenos was started by former VP of Great Lakes, Jim Kent, after Great Lakes was sold to venture capitalists in 2020.  At Regenos, Mr. Kent claims to have improved the collagen product with an enzymatic process for greater absorbability.  Regenos requires just 1 tablespoon a day as compared to 2-4 Tablespoons a day of the Great Lakes brand.  Also, Regenos has 2 formulas – one for bones and one for joints, although the company says there is a crossover benefit from either formula.

Jim Kent is a 30-year collagen industry veteran.  “I am committed to using my knowledge to help folks understand the real benefits of collagen.  ReGenos Bone™ and ReGenos Joint™ are the first two collagen products in the U.S. that have been tested to show measurable results in joint pain and bone mineral density.”

My comment:  as for results and benefits, I believe the collagen powders from each of these excellent companies are comparable.  So until otherwise indicated, we will carry both.  You decide!

A technology to be considered seriously

The LifeWave company founded its products on decades of ongoing research and studies that have won them 113 patents.  The patches are exclusive and are both systemic and targeted.  Thousands of users each week report benefits and condition reversals too numerous to mention.


I LOVE paradigm-changing ideas and technologies.  MATRIX, bioDensity and BEMER are such.  And now the LW patches join that group.

To get the best results, it is important to be consistent, especially with the two Stem Cell activating patches (X39 and X49).  A hit or miss approach simply does not yield the spectacular (yes spectacular) age-reversal effects that are set in motion as 1000’s of genes are being reset to a younger and healthier level.  Wearing the X39 patch daily can make profound changes in your health, function, mobility, entrenched conditions, cognitive abilities and beyond.  Some changes occur quickly, others may take months – but cellular and gene-level changes are indeed happening.

Saving money with the patches.  We are discovering more and more applications and benefits with the patches.  (Read some of our brochures.)  Something new we discovered is that the patches’ activity may last up to 18-20 hours.  So being “thrifty”, Sheila is, rather than discarding a patch after 12 hours, keeping it in a clean place and possibly re-applying it next time.  She has routinely been putting a 12-hour-used patch on her dogs’ collars for another 12 hours.  Not sure that the potency is as strong but there is definitely SOME activity on second application.

The most important thing to remember: the patches are activated by heat and light.  Do not leave them in your car or somewhere warm.

Can It

Did you know? – Eating 2 cans of sardines a week can lower cholesterol and help prevent diabetes?

Fighting Fibromyalgia

We had a beautiful testimonial come in last week.  I joyfully share it here with permission.  “I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 15 years old. I am now almost 40 and it has been the decision-maker in my life. But no more thanks to The Dancing Bones team. The wonderful treatments and products they provide have given me back control of my life. The Matrix specifically, from intense 4-hour sessions, has given me better sleep patterns; I have less anxiety and depression, and I went in wanting to change my perspective and it has helped me do that. It also helped me to be calmer in general and more alert to my surroundings. Every person is different, but if you are where I was, Dancing Bones is a light in the darkness of an unhealthy body.”  LG.

Good Germs

Dr. Axe eats dirt! – I’m not the only one thinking that being “too clean” has backfired on us; that our obsession with a germless environment is killing us.  The famous Dr. Josh Axe in his book EAT DIRT explains how our modern practice of over sanitation has led to under-nourishment and “leaky gut.”  This sets us up for diseases that are all too common now – from autoimmune disorders to heart disease and cancers.  So, maybe…don’t scrub all the dirt off those organic carrots.

Getting the most from your DB session

So far we have not found anything that builds and rebuilds bone density faster and more safely than the synergy of our DB program’s 3 technologies, with the bioDensity machine leading the way.

What are the natural dynamics that promote bone growth?

  • Impact (like hitting or boxing),
  • Bending (which happens on impact)
  • Compression. Impact is risky.  And bending a bone is out too.  So compression along the length of the limb is what we initiate in the bioDensity exercises.

After your bioDensity exercises, while the Central Nervous System is in high gear, we want to amplify the biomechanisms set in motion for 6 – 8 more minutes while vibrating.  Everything done in whole-body vibration mode is multiplied by at least 3. (Eg. 3 reps is effectively like 9 reps, etc). So we want to make it count!

The five exercises are chosen for their global effect on the big muscle groups.  They should be done achingly slowly – 10 counts down and 10 counts up.  Work it!  Press up on the barre as you squat.  You are adding resistance (additional weight) to your structure.  I used to say to my dancers, “what are you saving yourself for?  You can rest when you die!” OK, a little over the top, but for 6 minutes once a week, you need to extract the most muscle retention and building work out of these few exercises.  Then you can reward yourself with complete relaxation on the BEMER!

We want the most benefit for you from this very simple and streamlined program.  Our goal is to support, regain and retain structural strength.  That is strong muscles, strong joints.  Life then becomes easier, more fluid, less painful, even pain-free.

Greater Muscular Strength Predicts Lower Mortality Risk

By building your muscular strength, you can ward off cardiometabolic risks. A higher level of muscular strength has a protective effect on premature death from any cause and high blood pressure in men. It also lowers the risk of cancer mortality, metabolic syndrome, and age-related weight and fat gain.  And higher levels of hand-grip strength were linked to lower all-cause mortality.

Three types of exercise that build and protect muscle:

  • High-resistance-low-repetition (like bioDensity and the dancingbones program, super slow, like Slow Burn, or working with a skilled trainer).
  • BFR (blood flow restriction).
  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

These can be combined or on different days.  This type of “training” need not be done daily.  In fact, one or two focused high intensity sessions per week are far more productive than several low or no-weight sessions. See Slow Burn by Fred Hahn and Body by Science by Doug McGuff.  More is not necessarily better.  In fact, focused training with high resistance is emerging as not only a great boon to elite athletes, but also an enormously beneficial path to metabolic wellness and disease prevention.

* Nothing here is intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.


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