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New expanded hours in 2019!

New Expanded Hours:

  • Tues.                             9:00 – 6:00

  • Wed. & Thur.               9:00 – 5:00

  • Fri. & Sat.                     9:00 – 2:00

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DancingBones is a wellness studio offering a unique program that integrates three science-backed technologies to enhance structural, metabolic, neurologic and circulatory wellness. Primarily we address OSTEOPOROSIS.   Hundreds of thousands of users of bioDensity world-wide are successfully stopping and even reversing bone loss, as seen on their DEXA scans. Here is just one testimonial:

“One year ago, my physician told me to start taking drugs to deal with my severe osteoporosis. I told her I wanted to try bioDensity, and she said I would have to start taking drugs in a year. My one year DEXA results showed 7% improvement in spine and 5% improvement in the femur. bioDensity worked for me. I changed doctors.”    C.S. Chicago IL 2018

In the course of using the 3 technologies, there are many ancillary benefits to this once-a-week 30-minute protocol.

  • build bone and joint density and functional strength
  • increase blood flow through enhanced microcirculaton
  • improve nutrient and oxygen delivery to cells & accelerate waste disposal
  • improve cardiac function
  • athletic performance – improve endurance, strength, energy
  • improve balance and fine motor skill
  • improve mental/neurological facility – concentration, focus, stress reduction, relaxation
  • sleep management

Seniors, if you thought vitality and ease of movement were just for the young, think again.
Athletes and dancers, if you thought your performance levels had plateaued, think again.
Those with chronic conditions, if you thought day-to-day life could not get better, think again.

As little as 25 minutes a week can make a real, and in fact, measurable difference in your life and in athletic performance.

WHAT DANCINGBONES IS NOT – it is not a dance studio, not a gym, not a franchise and not a competitive venue.  Each member receives individual consideration with respect to their needs and capabilities.

BioDensity – safely triggers osteogenic loading,  a biological event that has been shown to reverse  bone and muscle loss and enhance balance and joint stability.
PEMF  – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device  – truly remarkable broad spectrum wellness enhancement.  We have chosen the finest world class PEMF device – one that has been chosen and contracted by NASA for incorporation into astronaut apparel.
Live Vibe – Whole Body Vibration Plate produces better balance and fine motor control in addition to other benefits.


Aria and Chuckie on Bemer mat

Your introduction is free with no obligation.  
  The program is very affordable and there are a variety of payment options.

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